Celebrating Disabled Owned Small Businesses

I put a message out in one of the Etsy groups I'm in on Facebook asking for disabled owned businesses who would want to be featured in this blog post and I was overwhelmed with the response, it's amazing to know there are so many disabled people running their own businesses.

But also, I understand why there is, being self-employed lets us work around our disabilities, to work around our good and our bad days, to work the hours that suit us without judgement. Being in regular employment and being disabled isn't always easy, in fact sometimes it's almost impossible. Whether that's because our conditions make us unreliable, or because employers can't, or won't made adaptions. Or another reason, either way, it's sometimes just not possible.

Now don't get me wrong, being self-employed is hard, for anybody. It takes a lot of self motivation, a lot of effort and hard work. But combine that with having a mind and body that doesn't always cooperate in the way you want it to, and it's even harder. But we do it. We do it because even though our bodies let us down, inside we are just as ambitious, just as driven as none disabled people. And also, we need money to pay the bills!

Because I got such an amazing response, this is going to be part of a monthly series, so if you are a disabled business owner and you'd like to be featured in one of my future posts, please do get in touch.

I do need to just say, because all of these sellers are on Etsy, I'm using affiliate links, it doesn't cost you anything but if you go on to purchase, I will make a small commission and it helps to pay those bills I mentioned. Thanks for supporting my business :)

#1 Head Among Clouds

Medication tracker written across the top, an image of the medication tracker and then printable PDF written along the bottom

A printable PDF medication tracker, this is so useful!


 #2 Katie’s Kreation Krafts

A set of three coloured heart trinket dishes, pale orange, yellow and green

A pretty heart trinket dish, available in three colours, pale green, orange and yellow.


#3 Browear Clothing

A dark green t-shirt with I came, I saw & I forgot what I was doing in white text

A dark green t-shirt with I came, I saw & I forgot what I was doing (this is so me, every day!)


#4 Vivid Lux Glass

 A vibrant glass rainbow pendent

A gorgeous bright and colourful rainbow glass pendent.


#5 Small Things By Amanda

A cardboard box filled with sweets and sprinkles

A yummy looking strawberries & cream milkshake kit.


#6 Harmony Crafts UK

 A wood slice hanging ornament decorated with spring flowers

A pretty wood slice hanging ornament with spring flowers painted on.


#7 WYS Stationery

 five badges with plant related images and text including sad? buy another plant or it's not hoarding if it's plants.

 I, of course don’t have favourites but if I did, it would be these brilliant plant related badges, because I am a plant addict!


 #8 Vivid Squad

 A stainless steel Death's Head Hawk Moth pendant

A very cool Death's Head Hawk Moth pendant on an 18” chain.


 #9 Kim’s Clay Jewellery

Two sets of sunflower earrings on brown backing card.

Very pretty polymer clay sunflower earrings (I believe the listing is for one pair)


 #10 Immy’s Awareness Badges

POTS themed badges with things like stay salty and POTS awareness.

Love these POTS badges, buy 3, 6 or 12 (I have POTS myself so love anything that raises awareness!)


I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post and will support these amazing small businesses!

Let me know in the comments which is your fave!

And don’t forget if you’re a disabled business owner and would like to feature your online shop, please send me a message.

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