Frequently Asked Questions

What is a braille card?

A braille card is a greetings card that has had braille applied so that visually impaired and blind people can read it themselves. I offer a wide range of cards and all can be personalised with a message from you to them, for free!

How do I order from you?

There are several ways to order, if you’re in the UK, you can visit my shop directly on this website, if you’re outside the UK or would like another option, you can shop through my Not On The High Street shop or you can shop through Etsy. All prices are the same regardless of where you shop. But if you’re new to my website, you can get 20% off your first order by signing up to my newsletter at the bottom of this page, valid only on this website.

How are your products made?

I hand type all the braille cards, labels, inserts and letters using a traditional Perkins Brailler (watch this video on Instagram of me typing on a Perkins!)

What type of braille do you offer?

I use Unified English Braille (UEB) in both grade 1 (uncontracted) and grade 2 (contracted) but I can also offer braille in French, German and Dutch if using grade 1 only.

What is the difference between Grade 1 and Grade 2 Braille?

Grade 1 (uncontracted) is the most basic form of braille and it’s where one letter = one braille cell. Grade 1 is what people learn first.

Grade 2 (contracted) is more advanced and this is where certain words, letter groupings etc. are “contracted” so it takes up less space, for example, the in grade 1 would be three braille cells but in grade 2, it’s just one.

Read this blog post on What is Braille? to learn more.

How long does delivery take & how much does it cost?

If the order is addressed to and going directly to a blind or visually impaired person, I can offer free postage under the Articles for the Blind scheme, otherwise postage is chargeable at £1 per order.

Orders are ready to post within 2 - 4 working days (but are nearly always sent sooner) and are sent 1st Class Royal Mail, so typically arrive within a day or two. For more on delivery, please see the Delivery & Returns page.

Can I add my own braille message inside a card?

Yes, everything I sell is personalised and you can add a braille message inside the card. If purchasing the custom braille greetings card, you can add any braille text to the front too!

Can you post directly to the recipient?

Yes that’s absolutely fine, I can post to anywhere in the world!

How can I get in touch with you?

You can email me at or visit the contact page for more options.