Free Braille Resources

Braille Alphabet Flashcards for Kids, image shows letters o, p, g, h, m and n, each has the braille letter, the English letter and an image

Braille Alphabet Flashcards for Children

One of the reasons I started Dotty About Braille was that I'm hugely passionate about braille and I want to help spread as much awareness as possible, and one of the ways I do that is by offering free braille printable resources.

These braille downloads are suitable for all different types of settings - schools, home schooling, Brownies, Guides, Scouts, Cubs, not for profit organisations, charities and anywhere else that may have an interest in braille.

The braille printables are only available for none commercial use and must not be shared, sold or redistributed outside your own organisation. Please do share this page with anybody who might be interested.

Three landscape colouring pages with a fish, ball and dog. The images can be coloured in, there are also empty braille dots so they can be coloured in too.

Braille Colouring Pages

What's inside?

  • Braille Alphabet Flashcards for Kids
  • Braille Colouring Pages
  • Braille Quiz
  • Braille Alphabet Reference Sheet
  • Braille Days of the Week Flashcards
  • And more coming soon.

They're aimed at sighted people who wish to understand more about braille, some are aimed specifically at children or young adults.