My Top 10 Gifts for Disabled People

This gift guide showcases a selection of products that I believe disabled people would enjoy or find useful. It's worth pointing out that just because somebody is disabled, it doesn't mean they only want gifts aimed at disabled people, or gifts directly relating to their disability. 

All products are from Etsy, because Etsy is my favourite online marketplace, with sellers from all over the world selling a range of handmade products. Click here to view a gorgeous collection of Christmas gifts

It's a very busy time of year for Etsy sellers, so please do be kind and patient. 

Please note, the following links are affiliate links, which means if you click that link and checkout, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to yourself, thanks for supporting my small business.

#1 - Wheelchair Car Window Sticker

A decal sticker with pink text saying princess on wheels, please space to unload my carriage. There is an image of a pink crown at the top and a pink wheelchair on the left.
These fun car window stickers are a fun way to let somebody know that you have a wheelchair and need space left around the car. 
Buy the wheelchair car window sticker

 #2 - I Can't Stand For Long Badge

A pink badge with a white speech bubble saying I can't Stand for long with a yellow triangle with a lightbulb inside below.
I love these badges from PawsitivePins, I created a custom badge in my favourite colour saying I'm Visually Impaired, but I love this one too because I have POTS, and people with POTS struggle standing for long.
They have 100's of designs covering all different disabilities.


Buy the I can't Stand for Long Badge

#3 - Wheelchair Cup Holder


A patterned fabric cup holder attached to the green bars of a wheelchair.


These fabric cup holders attach to your wheelchair, walking frame or even crutches, and are available in various patterns and sizes.


Buy The Wheelchair Cup Holder

#4 - Walking Frame Bag


A Parisian themed fabric hung over a zimmer frame.

These super useful bags are available in different patterns, although I personally love this one! With small pockets at the front and back and a large inside bag, it's very versatile.

Buy The Walking Frame Bag

#5 - Blue Badge Cover

A blue badge cover with yellow fabric and images of ducks
This shop has a few gorgeous patterns for their blue badge holders that it took me a while to choose a favourite, and finally I settled on this gorgeous duck print, but honestly all their patterns are beautiful.
Buy The Blue Badge Cover

#6 - Personalised Adult Sippy Cup

A white adult sippy cup with handles and a bee design on the front.


This lovely bee themed cup can be personalised and is perfect for those who struggle to hold a cup with one hand.
Buy The Personalised Adult Sippy Cup

#7 - Guide Dog on Board Car Sticker


A car window sticker with the image of a Labradors head with text Guide Dog on Board, Please leave from for access


Let people know you have precious cargo - a guide dog, and that you need more space around your car.
Buy The Guide Dog Car Window Sticker

#8 - High Visibility Coaster

A black coaster with a neon yellow raised edge with a blue cup in the centre


This coaster is perfect for blind or visually impaired people, having both visual and tactile aids, with a lip around the edge to ensure your drink is safely on the coaster.
Buy The High Visibility Coaster

#9 - Braille Children's Christmas Story Book


The front cover of a braille book, text says Scruffy the Uffy Helps Santa by Graham & Julie-Ann Ward, Giant Print and Braille, there is also an image of a child wearing glasses, holding a cane, stood next to Father Christmas.


Scruffy the Uffy Helps Santa - blind or visually impaired children will love this book, which has both large print and braille, plus bright and colourful illustrations. The book is 30cm x 30cm and has grade one, uncontracted braille.

Buy The Braille Children's Book


#10 - Fidget Toy


A hand holding a blue and green circular fidget toy


This fidget toy is a bestseller on Etsy, and I can see why! Available in a variety of colours and sizes, and it's made from eco-friendly materials - what's not to love?

Buy The Fidget Toy


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