Braille Greetings Cards

Various people in my family are blind or partially sighted, my mum being totally blind, so I was always aware the choices of braille greetings cards for blind people was quite limited, and nearly all had some elements that were aimed at sighted people, such as images and patterns.

I wanted to create a range of braille cards that were fully accessible to blind people, so that if they were home alone when they received the card, they could read and appreciate every aspect of it themselves, without a sighted person having to say “oh there’s a nice image on the front” or explain to them what the tactile pattern was.

A kraft brown landscape greetings card with congratulations on your engagement written in grade 1 braille.

Some (sighted) people have said to me, but what about those that aren’t fully blind, can’t you add text for them, and my answer is no, because I don’t want to exclude those who can’t see text by adding it for those who can. Nobody is excluded with this design.

Although I am working on a range of cards that are aimed at couples where one is sighted and one is blind, these will have both printed text and braille. Sign up to my newsletter to be the first to hear when these cards launch.

Braille Christmas cards in eight colours including red, green, pink, yellow, orange, teal, navy and chocolate.

I have 12 colours to choose from in my regular range and 8 colours to choose from in the Christmas range, including bright vibrant colours, more soft muted colours, white and natural kraft brown.

Each braille card has a braille message on the front, some can be customised to include a number, so happy 40th birthday for example or happy 40th anniversary. Some can have a name added to the front like my teacher thank you cards.

I do also have a custom braille card where you can add any message at all on the front!

Each braille card comes with either a matching coloured envelope or a white envelope, I can type the recipient’s name on to the envelope too, for free! Just add that when you add to your basket or leave blank if you’d prefer.

And finally, each braille card has a personalised braille message inside to the recipient, this is limited to 100 characters due to the size of the cards, but this is usually enough to write a short message.

Hands holding a red braille Christmas card with Merry Christmas written in lower case UEB.

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