Free Braille Resources

Thank you for your interest in my free printable braille resources, I hope you find them useful.

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Just to confirm, these files do not contain any tactile or raised dots and are simply images of braille.

Braille Alphabet Flashcards for Kids

These bright and colourful braille flashcards for kids flashcards are a great way to introduce young children to braille. Each flashcard has a vibrant image that relates to the letter, and then the letter printed in both print and braille.

Braille Colouring Pages

These colouring pages feature eight simple images (cat, dog, ball, fish etc.) ready to be coloured in, with space to write the word in print and then to also colour in the braille dots. There is also a braille alphabet reference sheet.

Braille Alphabet Reference Sheet

This simple one page document includes the full alphabet in braille and print.

Braille Days of the Week Flashcards

This download includes a list of the days of the week in braille and print, and also printable days of the week flashcards in two different sizes.

Braille Initial Colouring Page

This download is aimed at children who might enjoy colouring in their own initial in braille dots. Document includes an alphabet reference sheet also.

Braille Quiz for Children

This simple quiz is aimed at children and is a fun way to teach them a bit more about braille and why it's important. Have a look around my website and blog, you may find the answers you're looking for! But they are also included in the download.